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Rural Tourism as the safest alternative

Due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, we are living a different stage in our lives that has made us modify many decisions of our routines and customs. And of course the way we travel and plan our getaways has changed, largely due to restrictions and health prevention. Rural tourism has become the safest and most requested option in times of pandemic.

Astronomy Course: Star Orientation Workshop

Enjoy the beautiful starry sky on a warm and calm summer night. Have you ever stopped to observe the wonders of the night sky? Do you want to learn about the constellations, the celestial bodies that form them and the phenomena that can be observed? Join our Astronomy course and learn about constellations and how to locate yourself through our orientation workshop with the stars.

Ornithomusic: the music of nature

Have you been silent in a forest? Have you stopped to listen to the sounds that natural environments offer you? Discover the music of nature through our ornithomusic course. The beauty of the songs of the birds and the sounds of their surroundings accompanied by instruments, make up a perfect symphony for relaxation and the delight of the soul. The songs of birds as the basis of a song, that is ornithomusic.

Routes of the Camino de Santiago: Camino Miñoto Ribeiro

Planning your vacation? Do you like country breaks and rural tourism? Bike or hiking lover? Go on a pilgrimage to Compostela in this jubilee year following a beautiful path less known by the general public. A true gem among the routes of the Camino de Santiago, the Camino Miñoto Ribeiro.

Routes of the Camino de Santiago: Camino de la Geira y los Arrieiros

Lover of hiking or cycling routes? Do you like rural tourism? Are you thinking of making a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela? Go ahead in this jubilee year to discover a lesser-known route of the Camino de Santiago, the Camino de la Geira y los Arrieiros.