Meals in the Village

Come and enjoy the best food and discover interactively the history of Pazos de Arenteiro in our rural village.

History and Nature

At the confluence of the Avia and Arenteiro rivers is Pazos de Arenteiro, naturally connecting the fertile valleys of the Ribeiro and the mid-mountain of the O Carballiño area. This privileged situation made this small village one of the most important in the whole area.

The birth of this town is linked to the establishment of commercial routes to transport wine through the road to Santiago and end up exporting Ribeiro wines abroad.

The Order of the Hospital arrived in the first half of the 12th century and with it wealth and commerce. They were in charge of collecting taxes and trading the wine and silver of the area. This fact led to the settlement of the nobility in this place and began the construction of the pazos that give the village its name.

Our hotel is located in this unique environment. The main building, where the restaurant is located, has a shield on the door of a man on horseback (probably a former noble house). Another of the buildings presents reliefs typical of the Jews who at that time were linked to the wine trade.

Meals in the Village

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We invite you to an interactive tour with which you can immerse yourself in the history of Pazos de Arenteiro and discover the wonders of its architectural heritage (the Church of San Salvador and its rectory, the Bridge of Santiago and the Camiño Miñoto, etc).

Look for clues, investigate the history of the place, explore the most magnificent places in the village, help us solve the enigma and enjoy a delicious meal cooked with local products.

You can stay in our rooms (with a welcome cocktail, lunch and breakfast) and take the interactive tour by “Plan B”. For € 80 per person with accommodation included. € 50 without accommodation. (A prior reservation and a minimum of 10 people are required to carry out the activity)

You can contact us by mail or WhatsApp.

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