What is a rural village?

It is common for our clients to ask us: what is a rural village? Well, it is simply a tourist name (rural village Group D). Rural tourism village is understood to be the set of at least 3 houses in the same population center, located between them at a maximum distance of 500m and operated in an integrated way by the same owner.

We understand that the name of our tourist classification may suggest that we are responsible for all Pazos de Arenteiro and that the town where we are is part of our hotel, but this is not the case.

More than 100 neighbors live in our beloved town. The whole town collaborates in the cleaning and maintenance of the infrastructures as well as the Boborás town hall. Little by little we have aesthetically improved the town, its signage, the maintenance of its walks, its dissemination and we hope to contribute to making the future Pazos de Arenteiro more promising.

Where are we?

We are located very close to the wonderful Romanesque church of San Salvador, integrated in harmony with the old town of Pazos de Arenteiro. We manage several houses for rural tourism or rural hotel, as well as a restaurant.

We have 9 double rooms and a suite, a restaurant, a farm with a wide variety of animals and a greenhouse where we grow our own organic products.

What do we offer?

Our suite occupies the upper part of an independent house with a lot of character. It is accessed by stairs from a small square located in the furthest part of the town, ensuring the privacy of our clients. Surrounded by an autochthonous oak forest and ancient buildings. From the same house you can reach several beautiful hiking trails as well as the rivers that surround us. You can enjoy the murmur of the water as you pass by, the lull of the wind rocking the trees and admire the beauty of nature in any season of the year.

With 70m 2 divided into bathroom area and bedroom / living room, you can enjoy a 2m bed resting on a wooden tatami, Norwegian-style leather sofa, barrel bathtub in the same room and wood stove will make your stay unforgettable. It has a TV and a minibar.

Our double rooms are cozy and spacious, all with a lot of character, in exposed stone and using wood and glass as the main materials. The decoration is modern and rustic. We are very proud of their “final look”, since the vast majority of our furniture is our own design. Which you can order in the shop on our website.

We have a room equipped for people with reduced mobility with wheelchair access directly from the dining room or the entrance. Two of the nine rooms we offer have a private terrace and the rest have shared terraces.

All rooms have a TV and a private bathroom with a bathtub and shower. The bedding is 100% white cotton that invites you to rest and produces a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. You can book directly on our website.



We never think of having a cow on our little farm. We already have enough animals, chickens, dwarf goats, cats, dogs, fish, ducks, wild foxes that eat chickens. Each one plays a role, except for the ducks that do nothing. We didn’t think we would have a cow. But reality would have it that a dear neighbor, Alvarito, during the summer of 2020 asked us to take care of his calf, since his mother was opposed to having it in his house for a few days. Those days turned into weeks and then months. We became very fond of her and after breastfeeding her for 4 months, 2 times a day she became solid.

Now he eats everything a cow eats. We use their poop as compost for the orchards and vineyards and it is a pleasure to watch it grow.

Wendy is super tame. Our plan and motivation to have it in our rural village, because I work hard enough, is to bring these types of animals to our clients, that they see and recognize that they are not so different from pets, that they have feelings and give off tenderness. That they like to be accompanied, that they are very sociable and we should treat them with respect.

We invite you to come to know it.

A hug.