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What more could you ask for than a relaxing massage after a day of hiking to relieve fatigue? If you have never tried it or if you are used to using these treatments, we invite you to enjoy our massage service.

Massages and Wellness

The benefits for the health and well-being of the body that chiromassages offer are well known. A few minutes or an hour of proper treatment can solve the pain and bad posture generated by a sedentary life, great efforts or bad habits.

Postural and physical health is very important, as it affects our mood. It is common to feel fatigued right after waking up. It is very likely due to fatigue or poor posture. The way to correct it and feel better are chiromassages.

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Many people who have never tried it have been convinced of the benefits of these treatments. Well, a few minutes or an hour of massage can make us recover days or even weeks of fatigue, bad posture and pain. If you have not tried it yet or if you are a regular user of these treatments, we invite you to enjoy the à la carte massage service that we offer at Aldea Rural Pazos de Arenteiro.


A la carte massage service

Always trying to improve and offer the best stay, we look for all the activities and services that will make your visit unforgettable. In this effort to be the best we have created a massage service menu.

We have a certified masseuse who offers her treatments to our guests to make their stay as pleasant as possible. There are many possible treatments suitable for each person. Here we show you our massage menu where you will find the right treatment for you.

Draining leg massage (tired legs)

It uses manual Chiromassage techniques, massage techniques made with bamboo canes and manual lymphatic drainage techniques. Include stretching. Activates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, in addition to stimulating and toning the skin, muscles and adipose tissue. Reshapes and tones the figure; firms the skin.

Deep tissue back massage


Apply manual Chiromassage techniques that help relax muscles, activate circulation and eliminate toxins. Include neck and arm stretches.

Progressive Chiromassage

It begins with gentle manual Chiromassage techniques and ends with deeper techniques, which relax the nervous system and stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation. It is done on the feet, legs, back and neck. Include stretching.

Sports Chiromassage

Prepara los músculos antes, durante y después del ejercicio físico. Se trabaja con masaje y estiramientos. Se apoya en técnicas de la MTC (puntos Ah Shi, ventosas, moxa), de la aplicación de Vendaje Neuromuscular y de Crioterapia. A elegir entre espalda, brazos y piernas.

Relaxing massage

Neurosedative and relaxing chiromassage techniques are used in: feet, legs, back, arms, neck, skull, abdomen and face. Relaxing, draining and pressure techniques are applied to the face at specific points. It can be combined with a natural peeling prior to the massage (coffee with AOVE).

Cranio-cervical massage

Treatment in the upper thorax, neck and skull area.

Thai massage

Stretching and depth treatment that works muscles, energy channels and joints.

Manual facial hygiene with massage

Facial treatment that consists of the application of cleansing milk, toner, peeling, mask and moisturizer. While the mask is working, a foot massage and another facial massage are performed with the application of the moisturizer. It is a treatment indicated for both women and men and for all skin types. Natural and / or homemade products with beneficial properties for our skin are used.


The treatments carried out are Natural Therapies, they are not health treatments. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or WhatsApp.

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