Ornithomusic: the music of nature

Have you been silent in a forest? Have you stopped to listen to the sounds that natural environments offer you? Discover the music of nature through our ornithomusic course.

The beauty of the songs of the birds and the sounds of their surroundings accompanied by instruments, make up a perfect symphony for relaxation and the delight of the soul. The songs of birds as the basis of a song, that is ornithomusic.

Ornithology: the sound of nature

This genre lives linked to the understanding of the musical instrument and the natural environment in equal parts. It is not only necessary to know how to play or compose but to understand the sounds that nature gives us. It is essential to recognize, analyze and interpret them to include them successfully in our song. Therefore, the composition of these pieces is not an easy task.

In addition, field work is added. Of course, it is essential to spend time in nature to listen, understand and compose. But above all to record and record the different songs and sounds that will be used later for the creation of the song.

This process is essential as it will be the basis and the reason for the piece. The quality and purity of the sample or the variety of the same, are the key piece of our work. But don’t worry, in our ornithology and music workshop we will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary for you to learn to make ornithomusic.

Ornithomusic: the music of nature

Join our ornithomusic course, and learn to recognize and understand the songs of birds and the sounds of the natural environments that surround us. The objective is to educate and discover the music that nature offers us. In addition, notions about recording and interpretation will be taught.

The workshop is made up of theoretical sessions focused on understanding the concepts, field trips to listen to and record the songs of the birds, and listening sessions and analysis of the work carried out.

Theoretical sessions will be held in the morning and will focus on the communication of birds, their musicality and their analysis. Topics such as interpretation and composition on the songs of birds will also be discussed. In addition to techniques for recording the sounds of nature.

The afternoon sessions will focus on listening, analyzing and understanding the recorded songs and music performed during the morning theory sessions with the aim of relaxing and deepening listening to achieve a greater understanding of the music of nature.

The field trips are carried out, interspersed, to better listen and understand the concepts taught in the theoretical sessions and to record the songs of the birds that we will use later.


The course is taught by Senen Barreiro, musician and composer with extensive experience in ornithomusic, during the weekends in Aldea Rural Pazos de Arenteiro. The field sessions are carried out by different routes of the Avia and Arenteiro river channels.

A minimum group of 6 participants is required. If you are interested in participating, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or WhatsApp.

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